Best Tracks of 2016

Its ok guys, we’re nearly through it – the blundering nightmare that has been 2016 is nearly at an end. All there is left to do is check out Tracksuite’s Best Tracks of 2016 list, so here it is.  And it’s pretty healthy actually.  Despite this year being the carnivorous legend-eating monster that it has been, some pretty amazing music has still managed to be made. Some greats of the fairly recent past in the shape of A Tribe Called Quest, DJ Shadow and The Avalanches have survived the Reaper and returned in time and on form to serve up some of the greatest hip hop treats I’ve heard in some years. Some fresh faced upstarts have shown they’re ready to fill the gaps left by this years tragic losses; Car Seat Headrest’s mature yet utterly exciting sound is perhaps my most listened to of the year, Lucy Dacus has mastered her craft early, the first full length from Jubilee is a hell of a trip and late entry for me She Drew The Gun are mesmerizing. Still riding the storm like the pros they are, the likes of Lake Street Dive, You Won’t, Moderat and Eleanor Friedberger are all bringing in the catch with brilliant tracks as always.  

I hope you all got a chance to check out my Best Albums of 2016 blog too. Eight albums in all. Which I know doesn’t seem like much compared to other sites splurting out their Top twenty and even sometimes Top fifty best albums of the year, but that’s simply ridiculous now isn’t it? The idea that there are actually fifty (even twenty infact) genuinely ‘brilliant as a whole album’ albums released this calendar year is something I just cant get my head around. I had only four in my list from last year so to have doubled that this year I’m pretty pleased with. Anyway, each of those is well worth some quality listening time for those still with a penchant for the full album journey but if not or if you just fancy a tasty sampler playlist first then you’re in the right place.

So here you are, two ‘best of’ mixes in YouTube and Spotify, they differ slightly due to availability but, hoorah, that just means more tunes.

Headphones on. Turn it up. Pour yourself a drop and enjoy The Best of 2016.


Here’s to your Happy Christmas and far improved 2017

Love and quality music